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Dovizioso GP17 Hammerhead
  • Dovizioso GP17 Hammerhead

    Very Rare "hammerhead" GP17 Front fairing .

    Under the lights of the Pre season test Ducati again wowed the press with a new generation of aerodynamic fairings - soon dubbed the Hammerhead due to it's unusual shape . This design was extensively tested by Dovizioso in it's raw carbon finish before painted versions were seen briefly with Pirro and Lorenzo . Very few of these were produced making them one of th e rarest fronts from the MotoGP era . 


    After winglets were banned at the end of 2016 Ducati needed to keep the added downforce while working within the new rules which did not permit open "wingletes" - their answer was the "Hammerhead" ! This is the first generation fairing tested by Both Dovizioso and Lorenzo and the inspiration to the later hammerhead with outer wings which was the final design approved for the 2017 season . Very few of these were produced and they are possibly the rarest front fairing of the Ducati MotoGp era . 


    Described by Ducatis sporting director Davide Tardozzi.

    “This new fairing shows how hard we have worked in the wind tunnel , It provides about half the downforce to the double-wing sets we used at some tracks last year, but with the speed and power of MotoGP bikes we are forced to work in this direction and change the bodywork to suit each track. For sure we will keep exploring in this direction, and we will soon homologate a refinement of this design."


    A few small scratches and chips but otherwise fantastic condition - this one has seen very little use so remains almost like new . 

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